Hi There! We're There's No Spoon

Here we go. It’s the official birthday of There’s No Spoon. We are a virtual reality company based in Helsinki, Finland. We offer a full stack of VR services; from helping with creative concepts, producing Cinematic VR, creating interactive room scale VR experiences to creating custom mobile apps. We even provide our own cloud based backend with tools to help manage your content. 

Our story started in the fall of 2014 when we were among the first people to shoot footage with the prototype version of the Nokia OZO camera. That production fed directly into some of the features you can find in the released camera today. Since then we have been involved in some of the highest profile VR projects in Finland. 

There’s No Spoon is not an entirely new company; we were previously called Mandala VR. Recently the company went through a tightening of our focus and There’s No Spoon represents a fresh new start. 

Virtual reality is an extremely powerful tool and we are excited about its capabilities. Being in a virtual reality environment, you perceive it through the different sensory inputs of your body — typically, vision and hearing. These inputs can be so immersive that you get the feeling of “being there”, called the sense of presence. It’s magical without being magic. 

We have recognised the power of VR and want to put it to good use. Our team values beautiful images as much as we value the meanings behind them. We want to help you exploit the potential of this disruptive technology, and bring your experiences and stories into this new medium. We are not saying that we know everything as VR is still an unexplored field full of surprises and techniques — but we’re eager to discover those with you!

March 30, 2017
By Team